Grand Ol Opry

Some tunes from a Saturday March 10, 2012 session at Ryman Make a Record at the Grand Old Opry. Thanks Jen!!

Fire Water

Back to New York

And a recent bonus track...

Can't Judge a Book by its Cover

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  1. Medly
  2. NY Times
  3. Sunsong
  4. Tune In
  5. Butterfly
  6. Bad Witch
  7. Squirrel
  8. Fear
  9. USA Flag
  10. McMansion
  11. Like the Sea
  12. Secret Agent Jam

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- Java

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Here are some older MP3 downloads for your listening pleasure - all from my '98 album Flavors. Working on getting higher quality downloads on iTunes, but for now, download, brew up a pot of fresh coffee and enjoy...

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Kerouac Shack

Supermodel Tyrrany




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