Java Jel originated in Boston in the late 1980s as a singer songerwriter in Harvard Square and poetry readings. Over the years, I've been a devoted hobbyist of music and performance, taking my brand of folk rock to clubs and bars in Philadelphia, Florida, New York and elsewhere, with occasional radio play on independent stations. Song titles include Kerouac Shack, (I wanna kiss you like a) Reptile, Rain Forest and a kid's musical called Reversadoodle. CDs include Flavors and Cafe, as well as a kids CD called Java Jr.


Javalicious, 2009

Javalicious CD

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  1. Medly
  2. NY Times
  3. Sunsong
  4. Tune In
  5. Butterfly
  6. Bad Witch
  7. Squirrel
  8. Fear
  9. USA Flag
  10. McMansion
  11. Like the Sea
  12. Secret Agent Jam

Lyrics and music by Java Jel. Kol Marshall co-wrote lyrics on NY Times. Jennifer May co-wrote lyrics on Butterfly. McMansion lyrics co-written by Stephen and Laura Petricone. Butterfly string arrangement by Bob Plotkin and Kol Marshall.

Recorded at Leopard Studio, Stone Ridge, N.Y. and Doppler Effect Studio, Cragsmoor, N.Y. McMansion basic tracks recorded at Kanduco.

Produced and mixed by Kol Marshall

Java Jel: guitar, keyboards, vocals
Kol Marshall: keyboards, bass
Bob Plotkin: violin
Larry Lubkert: drums
Mike Hamel: bass
Nick Kane: Backup vocals on Medly
Jonah Gelsi: Vocals on Squirrel

Thanks to Jennifer, Maya, Zoe and Jonah for support and comfort; Teresa, Stanley, Joanne and Fusco for babysitting and of course, mom. 

Cover art by Nick Kane

Javalicious means delicious Java Jel music, caffeinated pop, courtesy of Coffeetime Ltd.




Original solo rock by Java Jel

1 - Silent Night/Kerouac Shack medly
2 - Start Something New
3 - Upper Middle Class White Boy
4 - Little Drummer Boy
5 - Auld Lang Syne
6 - Melonie
7 - Existentialist
8 - Just Drive

Wary of recording at first, I warmed up to it with producer Kol Marshall, who captured my vibe with the 1988 live solo studio recording, JAVA'S JESUS JAM. A collection of short street tunes with a couple of holiday ditties thrown in, the effort drew air play on Boston's WFNX-FM radio. Many tunes from this recording, such as "Upper Middle Class White Boy," and "I Wanna be an Existentialist," were made and re-released later. The original "Kerouac Shack" recording, written at 3 a.m. in the Boston bureau of the Associated Press, is featured on FLAVORS.




Credits: Java Jel on voice and guitar, Kol Marshall producer. Recorded in 1988 in NYC. All songs by JAva Jel except Silent Night, Little Drummer Boy and Auld Lang Syne. Lyrics to Procrastinator's Blues by Jeff Smith. Lyrics to Existentialst by Java Jel and Adam Sweeting.


KEROUC SHACK, recorded and released 1989

This was a funky little demo recorded in one day with a group of musicians from Westchester, Pa. to get gigs in the Philly area. One song, "Let's Drive" was featured on a Delaware radio station. Musicians included Jennifer Lynn on vocals, Toby Houser on bass, Lee Sled on keys and JD. Wood on drums. The cover art for this cassette came from Boston artist Jeff Smith. "Paisley Girl' marks my favorite.


MARILYN MONROE, recorded and released 1990






Marilyn Monroe
This disc marked a mini water mark as a bar band in the Philly area. Tapping into funk, blues and a little bit of country, the songs represented the culmination of about 18 months of dozens of gigs from South Street in Philly to biker bars outside Delaware. The musician lineup changed slightly from "Kerouac Shack" to include Blair Saunders on bass, and Jorge Castenda on guitar. Lee Sled and Toby Houser had to leave to go to college. Most of the songs on here are great, with fantastic vocals from Jennifer Lynn.

JAVA LAVA, recorded in 1990-91, released in '91.




1 - On The Beach
2 - Dangerous Curves
3 - Summer Boho
4 - Penny Pump
5 - Summertime
6 - Ocean Friend
7 - Subway Surfer Boy
8 - Wipe Out
9 - Surfer Woman
10 - Under the Boardwalk


Java Kava

Always into summer, I recorded a solo beach rock effort, JAVA LAVA with Kol Marshall. The cool tune DANGEROUS CURVES from this session is featured on FLAVORS. The tape was recorded in New York, but produced in Jacksonville, Fla. Robert McMullen, a graphic artist and musician, did the excellent art work for it. It's not as heavy as surf punk, but I tried to tap into that vibe a bit.

Credits: All songs by Java Jel except Wipe Out, Under the Boardwalk and Summertime. Java Jel on guitar and vocals. Kol Marshall, keyboard on Summer Boho
Recorded around 1990 in NYC


Probably my best album, featuring the "Friends" -- bass player and song writer Joe Kelly, guitar player Dominic Cordisco and drummer Tom Hannon, as well as Bob Plotkin on violion on the song, "Mulberry Tree." The tune "Reptile" drew air play on WDST in Woodstock, N.Y. We recorded it at an old movie theater in Dobbs Ferry, where I used to go as a kid. Great vibes. John Fountain of Boston returned as graphic artist for the art work.

Java Jones
Java Jones

The 1990s continued with many projects brewing. including a recording session of Italian tunes with my mandolin-playing Dad; a live broadcast from Woodstock's Tinker Street Café on WDST (a week before pop star-to-be Jewel appeared on the same program); and the release of "Java Jones"in 1996. Cousin Christopher Gelsi did the enigmatic art for JAVA JONES. The cassette tape of original songs included the song "Rain Forest" inspired both by The Partridge Family and the song "Nothing But Flowers" by Talking Heads. A few years later, one of the moms at my kid's nursery school passed the "Rain Forest" song over to some folks at WFMU, where it was featured on the show, Greasy Kids Stuff. Some of the musicians I worked with at the time included Rich Morse on drums and others. There were also a few gigs at the Baggott Inn in NYC during this period and a bootleg or two of some of those shows.


This marked the first and only Java Jel CD, following the previous releases, which were all on casette. The CD featured songs off the cassette tapes from the 10-year period of 1988 to 1998, plus four fresh tunes recorded with now-deceased drummer Andy Morris of Philly. His talent is sorely missed.

(As mentioned on Greasy Kids Stuff)
Kerouac Shack
Supermodel Tyrrany


Flavors credits

Songs Registered BMI

Published and copyright 1998 Java Jel, Coffee Time Records ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Enjoy some JAVA today! FREE DELIVERY on all orders $20 minimum. http://www.javajel.com

Graphic concepts by The Boerum Hill Publishing Company At The Kane Foundation for KANDUCO Industries

Words and Music by Java Jel except: 9 music by Java and Aku; 3 words by Java and Casteneda; 8 words by Java and Randy Shantz; 10 words by Java, Nick and Kol with music adapted from Panta De Lanca; 13 music by Java and Cordisco; 14 written by Ernesto De Curtis; 16 music by Java, McMullen and Aku.

Recorded from 1988 to 1998 in Newark, Del.; Doppler Effect Productions Studio in Astoria, Queens; Far & Away Studio in Goshen, N.Y.; Stolen Moments studio in Dobbs Ferry, N.Y. and elsewhere. Songs mixed by Kol Marshall, Vito Luizi, Joe Kelly. Engineered by Geoff Gray, Kol Marshall, Roger Hoilman, Vito Luizi and other folks. CD mastering by Paul Ruest of the Argo Network, N.Y.C.

Thanks to Jennifer May, Joanne, Teresa, Theresa, Angela, Ian "Crank" Donnis, Bhubby, Paul Ruest, Jeff DeVito for airplay in Tokyo, Alaska, and wherever; Debbie Bailey Rider, Christopher Gelsi, Joe Rooney, Jeff Russian, Howard Cass, Joe Kelly, Joe Gelsi, Ralph Amelio. Thanks again to all the musicians who put with me for all those years and Jel Heads everywhere.


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